The Beginner’s Guide to Remaining in Your Home While Aging

That day is coming. The day when our Peter Pan philosophy can carry on no more. Others age but we don’t, right? It is time to face the reality that aging is something happening to us all and we must plan accordingly. Some people associate getting older with retirement communities and loss of independence.  But do we really need to leave our homes? The answer is no. Not if you take time to familiarize yourself with the tools and concepts available to you today.

“Universal design” is a concept quickly becoming embraced among homeowners of varying ages. The idea is to start making simple modifications now to your home, enabling you to remain in your home when your daily lifestyle needs and routines change. The article “Universal Design for Every Age and Stage of Life” states the best time to think about integrating universal design principles and “before a life change or emergency happens.”

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Statements like this make it all the more important to start being proactive with your future home modifications. SimplyHome is taking steps by participating in the Livable Homes Project with AARP and the Universal Design Institute. Richard Duncan, Executive Director of UDI says the concept is more than adding custom features to a home. The changes need to be packed to look good and work well. He took the time to answer our questions about universal design and explain a few things we should know.

 UD #2

5 Things You Should Know about Universal Design

  1. Where do you start? Before making any changes to your home, the absolute first place to start is with an honest assessment of your home and your needs. Ask yourself, Is this the right home for me to age in? For example, should the need arise, would you be able to move your bedroom from the second floor to the first floor in this particular house?

  2. The Three Main Areas.  The three main areas to focus on in your home are the entrance, bathrooms and kitchen. Making entrance changes are the most simple and the best first move. You can start by adding handrails to the stair cases and improving lighting. A good question to ask yourself with the entrance is, Are the hallways and doorways wide enough to fit equipment through?  After the entrance, some basic bathroom changes could include having  curbless showers, adding a bench for a place to sit and having a handheld showerhead.

  3. Common Misconception. When you think of an added shower handrail to help accessibility, it’s easy to imagine it as an eyesore, a bulky feature completely out of place with the interior of your home. But universal design is more than custom features. It’s the entire package of adding an element that helps your daily needs, but also fits the style of your home. For example, a handrail can also double as a towel rack.

  4. Get the right advice. The first mistake many individuals make when implementing universal design is hiring someone with expertise in one room, rather than understanding the functionality of the house altogether. For example, advice should come from someone with an architectural or interior design background. Someone with home-design experience, who can understand your needs as they will change and envision how your home can grow with you.

  5. There’s Higher Functionality with Technology.  SimplyHome technology is, “A wonderful addition to keeping people safe and  independent in their homes,” says Richard. The higher functionality you have to begin with, the more effective the custom changes. Using SimplyHome technology helps you to avoid limitations with the changes you implement down the road. You want as many options as possible. SimplyHome environmental controls help you to adjust lighting in various locations of your home from a single location – a tablet. SimplyHome door, window and stove sensors, medication management, fall detection, and telehealth services, cover all your needs to remain in your home.


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Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc. Partners with SimplyHome For Comprehensive Approach To Aging In Place


Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc. Partners with SimplyHome For Comprehensive Approach To Aging In Place

Salem, VA, August 29, 2011 – Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc., a leader in home modifications announced a partnership with SimplyHome. As part of the agreement, Solid Rock Enterprises will offer technology as a tool to empower people to live independently. “As an aging in place contractor, it is important to me that I have the widest possible array of solutions to help people remain in their own homes as long as they choose to,” said Chris Moore, owner of Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc.

SimplyHome is an industry leader in technology. The SimplyHome products empower individuals by using wireless technology to monitor daily routines and activities then send out instant alerts if a possible problem arises. SimplyHome systems benefit seniors, families, developmentally-disabled individuals, home health care providers and assisted living and long-term care facilities. Simply put — there is just no substitute for home.

“I have always believed that the main business I am in is the business not of simply providing products and services to my clients, but of providing solutions to their problems. Having SimplyHome in my toolbox makes me a better problem solver for my clients. I utilize a comprehensive approach to helping people stay in their homes. Using technology to help people successfully age in place is a vital part of this comprehensive approach,” said Chris Moore.

SimplyHome’s background of technology and personalized client care makes for a mutually beneficial partnership with Solid Rock Enterprises “We are very excited to partner with this company. Both of us have the intention of improving people’s lives, and now, we can do that together by providing individuals an opportunity to age in place through modified home construction,” said Allen Ray, CEO of SimplyHome.

“SimplyHome empowers people to stay home by providing the lifeline that enables them to live independently far longer than would otherwise be possible. My goal is to incorporate Simply Home into my product offering in such a way that I can help more people in Central and Southwest Virginia successfully age in place. I am excited about the possibilities ahead,” said Chris Moore.

About SimplyHome

SimplyHome empowers individuals and care providers through wireless technologies for independent living. Personalized systems are custom designed for anyone’s priorities and needs, providing independent living support for families, caregivers and most importantly, the individual.

SimplyHome offers cost-effective, innovative technological solutions to provide wellness monitoring, caregiver assistance, and in-home medical alert systems for elder care or for individuals with developmental disabilities. By creating a supportive home environment, SimplyHome allows loved ones to age in place while enjoying independent living.

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About Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc.

Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Chris Moore with the mission of providing the highest quality building and remodeling services in a professional and timely manner. Solid Rock Enterprises, Inc. specializes in helping its clients remain in their own homes throughout their lives. They promote aging in place through Universal Design home modifications. Chris holds CAPS (certified aging in place specialist) certification through the National Association of Home Builders and an Executive Certificate in Home Modification from the Andrus Gerontology Center at the University of Southern California. He writes “Housing Matters”, a monthly column on aging in place in the Senior News and is a recognized expert on aging in place, Universal Design, and home modification at Chris has over 25 years of experience in all phases of construction, having got his start under an Old World trained master builder who imparted to him an abiding sense of quality and craftsmanship. He brings his wealth of experience and an ability to translate your dreams into reality to every project he does.

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