Fellow Technology Leader Therap features SimplyHome and CLC in New Video

SimplyHome is delighted to be featured in Therap’s newest video, which highlights the role of assistive technology in providing state-of-the-art, affordable, and person-centered care.

The Charles Lea Center in Spartanburg, SC has pioneered the implementation of technology in their organization, one of the first in South Carolina, both through Therap (a provider of electronic record keeping) and through SimplyHome’s assistive technology systems, in order to support CLC’s residents, care staff, and administration.

Charles Lea Staff Member Shanena R.The video highlights the role of technology by interviewing Charles Lea staff and South Carolina policymakers. Here are two of our favorite quotes from the interviews:

“Technology gives individuals both the freedom they are capable of, and the support they need.”


“The technology allowed staff to spend more quality time with individuals.”


What else are our partners saying about using SimplyHome technology? Watch the video to find out! For the full video, featuring the Charles Lea Center, SimplyHome, and Therap technology, click here.


















SimplyHome Recognized by OUTSIDE as Best Places to Work 2016

SimplyHome Top 100

SimplyHome has been named one of OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work of 2016. Each year, OUTSIDE recognizes the top 100 companies in the United States that help their employees strike the ideal balance between work and play. These companies encourage employees to lead an active lifestyle, are eco-conscious and prioritize giving back to the community.


SimplyHome ranked #48 on the list.  Other organizations on the list included New Belgium Brewing, Toad&Co., Smartwool, and Big Agnes.


To create the Best Places to Work 2016 list, OUTSIDE started by comparing employers to five core categories, reflecting the magazine’s values and focus: Adventure/Travel, Wellness, Culture, Gear, and Media. OUTSIDE then conducted a rigorous vetting process in partnership with the Best Companies Group to assess the policies, practices, and demographics of hundreds of companies.

Funny Group Picture

 Empowering The Person

A dog park to accompany a dog-friendly office, company breakfasts, ping pong tournaments, and birthday celebrations sometimes involving a piñata, are only a few of the perks that come with being part of the SimplyHome team.

But, what really excites us about working at SimplyHome is learning to understand what it means to be person-centered – to listen to the goals and desires of people that are often written off because of their disabilities. As people, we all crave the same things: independence in our daily lives, deep connections with other people, and the opportunity to work towards our goals.

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Empowering Individuals Through Independence

We recognize that quality of life does not have to be compromised because of someone’s age or disability.  Many individuals living with a developmental disability or wishing to age in place have the ability to live independently in their homes – if given the proper support. In addition, rising costs of health care and the economic climate impact quality of life. We develop assistive technology to empower individuals to have the freedom of choice – the choice on how they want to live and where they want to live.

Our technology proactively alerts loved ones and caregivers of changes in behavioral patterns via text message, email or phone call alerts. Whether it’s grandma turning the stove on in the middle of the night, grandpa forgetting to close the front door or your son leaving his bed at an unusual hour, family and care staff can be instantly notified.

Group ping pong photo with quote

The Importance of Passion: Q&A with Allen Ray, SimplyHome’S CEO and Co-founder

Q: What separates SimplyHome from other companies?

A: Our people make us uniquely different. As a technology company, outsiders think it’s all the cool, shiny objects that separates us from others. The reality is the technology we use changes all the time…it’s the people who make the difference.


Q: SimplyHome hires people who live a very passionate life.  What do you see as the relationship between passionate employees and excellent work?

A: When a person has passion in their personal and professional lives, it creates vision and purpose to make the magic happen in every part of their day. One key interview question we ask every applicant is “What do you do outside of work”? We know everyone is uniquely different, but we want the common thread to be a zeal for life because it makes the most of every day. In short, we believe a genuine passion will lead to outcomes of excellence and a life filled with joy.

Beau - Blog PostQ: How does hiring passionate people contribute to the overall tone of the office?

A: To make a difference you must have balance, joy and self-direction as a natural part of who you define yourself to be. The company’s responsibility is to feed each person’s desire to make a difference through supporting their compassion. We all benefit from being surrounded by people who connect the love of outdoors, community involvement and personal values with a focused passion to help others. I believe they go hand in hand. Essentially, the culmination of what we do and the outcomes we are honored to create every day, is better because of our people.


Q: How has being located in Asheville helped SimplyHome to thrive as a company?

A: I believe the place and people you surround yourself with makes a huge difference in the pure joy each of us experiences! Being a part of this beautiful area replenishes the energy needed to be the best person you can be. An afternoon hike on the Mountains-to-Sea trail, a bike ride along the Parkway, a stroll through the Arboretum or kayaking through a national forest, topped off by your favorite local brew will replenish your soul like little else. Being in Asheville allows the opportunity to connect like-minded people into a cohesive team, while affording all of us the opportunity to call this beautiful place home.


Above all, SimplyHome believes in doing the right thing for those we are serving, ourselves and our community.


Want to explore how technology can empower independence? Check out our Facebook Page or subscribe to our blog for up-to-date news!


For any questions, contact SimplyHome at 877.684.3581 or email info@simply-home.com.



OUTSIDE is America’s leading active lifestyle brand. Since 1977, OUTSIDE has covered travel, sports, adventure, health, and fitness, as well as the personalities, the environment, and the style and culture of the world Outside. The OUTSIDE family includes OUTSIDE magazine, the only magazine to win three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence, The Outside Buyer’s Guides, Outside Online, the Outside Podcast, Outside Television, Outside Events, Outside+ for the iPad, Outside tablet edition, Outside Books, and Outside GO, a revolutionary, 21st-century adventure-travel company. Connect with OUTSIDE online, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.



Best Companies Group works with national and local partners around the country and internationally to establish and manage “Best Places to Work,” “Best Companies,” and “Best Employers” programs on a national, statewide, regional and industry basis. Through its thorough workplace assessment, utilizing employer questionnaires and employee-satisfaction surveys, BCG identifies and recognizes companies who have been successful in creating and maintaining workplace excellence.




VA Awards $200,000 Assistive Technology Grant to SimplyHome to Empower Independent Living for Veterans

SimplyHome will develop a platform bridging the gap between voice controls and a wide range of assistive technology in the home

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Aug. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SimplyHome, LLC, a leader in the field of customized assistive technology, is pleased to announce that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded them a $200,000 Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology (SAHAT) Grant to develop a new platform simplifying the user experience of voice commands to control assistive technology in the home environment of Veterans and Servicemembers.

The purpose of the SAHAT Grant Program, authorized by Congress, is to expand home modification options for Veterans who apply for VA’s Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) benefit, and to augment their options for living independently in their own homes.

When using the new SimplyHome platform, Veterans and Servicemembers with physical disabilities will be able to issue single voice commands to accomplish complex sequences of pre-customized actions. A single command such as “time to go to bed” can lock doors, set the thermostat, and turn off lights in the home.

“Empowering our Veterans to control their home environments is important not only for the quality of life of the individual Veteran and his/her family, but also vital to maintaining the fabric of our communities that depend on these Servicemembers,” says Jason Ray, Vice President of Business Development at SimplyHome.

While the platform that will be developed through the VA Grant is new, SimplyHome has been providing innovative in-home assistive technology solutions since 2004. These solutions address a broad range of concerns, including the management of an individual’s medication, home environment, and health, and can provide immediate notifications to family members or caregivers of the individual.

North Carolina State Senator Thom Tillis and State Representative Mark Meadows recently expressed their support of the VA grant. Tillis attested, “As our communities face an increasing demand for this technology, I believe that SimplyHome will help meet the technological advancements needed.”

In a recent Benefits and Services report published by the VA, more than 4,000,000 Veterans received Disability Compensation in 2015. The SAHAT Grant project, totaling $783,421, will be in effect through September 30, 2017.

About SimplyHome:

SimplyHome designs and installs wireless technology products and related care-focused services. The company is committed to providing affordable and dignified solutions for independent living – specifically to aging and disabled populations nationwide. SimplyHome is known for its highly customizable systems that are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

To learn more about SimplyHome, visit our website or email info@simply-home.com.

This article was funded in part by a grant from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Media Contact: Kristen Suttles, 1-828-684-8441, kristen@simply-home.com

SOURCE SimplyHome, LLC

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SimplyHome, LLC Awarded Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology Grant

SimplyHome, LLC has been awarded the Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology Grant (SAHAT) by the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA).

North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis and Rep. Mark Meadows acknowledged their support of the grant.

“I applaud you for your dedication in providing each individual in the disabled veteran community an opportunity to live independently,” wrote Tillis.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently released the following:

VA Awards Grants to Develop Technology to Help Veterans,
Servicemembers Modify Their Specially Adapted Homes

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today the award of $783,421 in Specially Adapted Housing Assistive Technology (SAHAT) Grants to eligible individuals, researchers, and organizations to develop new technologies that would enhance Veterans and Servicemembers’ ability to live in specially adapted homes.

The SAHAT Grant Program was authorized by Congress to design assistive technologies to expand home modification options for Veterans who apply for VA’s Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) benefit. Grants of up to $200,000 have been issued to four selected grantees.

“We’re excited and expect that the technology developed with these grants will augment Veteran and Servicemembers’ options for living independently in their own homes,” said Curt Coy, Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Opportunity. “New technology will serve Veterans who currently live in specially adapted houses and open doors for more Veterans looking to modify their homes to fit their needs.”

Read the full article here.

To learn more about SimplyHome, visit our website or email info@simply-home.com.

The article was funded in part by a grant from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

2016 Sky High Growth Award

2016 Sky High Growth AwardWe’re excited to announce SimplyHome has received the 2016 Sky High Growth Award by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.  This award, based on growth in revenue and employment, also recognized 35 other companies in Asheville.  We believe our growth has been parallel to that of Asheville and the work we do reflects the work of this city. See the entire list here. 

Allen Ray, Co-founder and CEO of SimplyHome, says, “We could have chosen anywhere in the country to have as our corporate headquarters and we choose Asheville. What I like most about living in Asheville is I’m surrounded by people who also happily choose to live and work here.”

Did you know…

Visitors are often greeted by one of our office pups – Since it’s a dog-friendly office!

One room of the office contains a ping pong table used for company tournaments.

The SimplyHome name came from a conversation with a nursing home resident who stated no matter how well she’s treated, how great the food tastes, or how well she likes living in this nursing home, if given a choice, she’d want to “Simply be home.”


‘Smart’ home: Paralyzed in a car accident, student achieves goal of living on his own

Fox Carolina and GoUpstate.com recently published a story about our friend Johnathan Dodd and his journey for independence. We are so proud of what he has accomplished and where he is going.

Photo By ALEX HICKS JR/alex.hicks@shj.com
Published: Friday, April 8, 2016 at 3:15 a.m.

Like many millennials, Johnathan Dodd has his own apartment.

It’s a small one-bedroom place, but it represents so much more for the 26-year-old Spartanburg County native. It gives him a sense of independence.

If that were all there was to Dodd’s story, it wouldn’t be particularly unique. After all, it’s not unusual for young adults to crave their own living space.

But how Dodd’s duplex apartment in Moore is outfitted to allow him to function on his own and, more importantly, how Dodd came to have a physical disability is an extraordinary tale.

Dodd is bound to a wheelchair, having been paralyzed from the neck down from injuries sustained in an automobile accident nearly nine years ago. He now has the ability to move his hands and arms, which allows him to use an app installed on an iPad to perform everyday tasks in what can be called his “smart” home.

At the touch of the screen, Dodd can open his front door to allow visitors to enter.

Other touch screen options give him the ability to set his thermostat and to turn his lights and television on or off.

“I didn’t realize it was going to be that easy,” Dodd said of the technology-driven Simply Home products that allow him to lead a somewhat normal life. “I was like, ‘Wow, that’s it?’ You just touch (the screen) and it does the rest.”

Dodd is living on his own thanks to the help of the Charles Lea Center, a Spartanburg-based nonprofit agency that provides services to individuals with disabilities and special needs.

As part of its HOMES (Helping Others Manage Environment Safely) program, the staff at the Charles Lea Center worked to install the “smart” technology in Dodd’s apartment and is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week should he need assistance.

With the touch of an icon on an iPad screen — which is mounted to his wheelchair — or a phone call, Dodd can get someone from the Charles Lea Center facility across the street to come help him.

“If it wasn’t for (the Charles Lea Center), I’d probably be in a nursing home,” Dodd said. “They mean a lot because they did a lot. Sure, I just call them when I need them, which may not seem like a lot, but they gave me a lot of independence just by saying, ‘Hey, we’re here if you need us.’ Just that right there has made the biggest difference in my life.”

Dodd still has someone come by the apartment each day to help him with such tasks as eating and bathing, but he spends every night and much of the weekend all by himself.

Before the Charles Lea Center outfitted the apartment with “smart” technology, Dodd had to have someone with him at all times. He said he’s been in the apartment for five years, but he’s only been on his own for the past two.

“Having someone around you 24/7 gets old. It doesn’t matter who it is,” Dodd said. “If there’s always someone there, it gets old, eventually. This is just another step to me being independent. I’ve got to be on my own.”

That Dodd is able to live by himself is a remarkable achievement given what he’s gone through medically. Following the automobile accident that paralyzed him, Dodd has had multiple surgeries related to his neck and stomach. He’s also battled through double pneumonia and survived Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

During a visit to the Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia for surgery a few years ago, Dodd told the staff he wanted them to help him find an apartment in which he could live on his own.

“They said, ‘Oh, you can’t do that.’ And I was like, ‘I’ll show you I can do it. I know I can.’ …. I basically ended up telling them, ‘I’m not leaving here until y’all find me somewhere to stay.’ So, they did. They found me this place.”

Dodd, who grew up in the Campobello area, had just graduated from Chapman High School a couple of weeks earlier when, on the night of June 16, 2007, his life changed forever.

He and some buddies had gone to a dirt track race in North Carolina. It started to rain, causing a delay in the action, and Dodd decided he’d rather go home than wait for the race to resume. He called his girlfriend to come pick him up.

On the way home, the car his girlfriend was driving came upon an unexpected curve and crashed. The car went down an embankment and flipped, leaving Dodd trapped underneath. His girlfriend escaped with minor injuries and was able to get someone to call for help.

An ambulance took Dodd a mile down the road to a church parking lot, where a helicopter was waiting to transport him to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. Even though he couldn’t move his body, he remained conscious through the entire ordeal.

Dodd recalled, “I just kept thinking the whole time, ‘Don’t go to sleep. You’ve got to stay awake. Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes.’” He feared he might not wake up.

In the hospital, he came close to death. To keep his lungs from collapsing, he had to be induced into a coma that lasted nearly a month. After waking up from the coma, he remembers a doctor in the intensive care unit saying, “This is all you’re ever going to be for the rest of your life.”

Dodd continued, “(The doctor) said, ‘You’ll never be able to move anything from your neck down.’ He said, ‘You may be able to shrug your shoulders one day, but that’s it.’

“And this is making me really mad. I’m like, ‘Ugh, this guy doesn’t know who he’s talking to,’ because I know what I’ve done been through just to be here.

“I’ve always been stubborn. I mean, ‘You’re going to tell me I’m not going to do anything? No, I’m going to show you.’”

Dodd’s independent living is proof of his determination. He refuses to take no for an answer.

“Jonathon is a fighter, and not only is he a fighter, he’s an advocate,” said Laconda Moore, who has worked with Dodd for the last year and a half as director of community transitional living for the Charles Lea Center.

“He advocates for himself, and he advocates for others who need support like him. The things he’s gone through and to still have that tenacity to continue on is just admirable. He always says that we help him, but he really inspires and helps us.”

In his home, Dodd is able to live like most anyone else his age. His television is typically tuned to sports, and he’ll sometimes have friends over to watch Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bouts.

He’s a big fan of the University of South Carolina football team, and his bedroom walls are adorned with autographed photos of former Gamecock standouts Connor Shaw, Jadeveon Clowney and Marcus Lattimore, the latter of whom played with his cousin, Chas Dodd, at Byrnes High School.

Dodd said he’s always been into sports and that he played football, wrestled and ran track while at Chapman High School. Not being as physically active as he’d like to be has been an emotional challenge for him.

“Everybody who has something like this happen to them — it doesn’t matter who you are — it’ll really take the wind out of you at the beginning and you’re going to be down,” Dodd said. “But there comes a point where it’s like a V in the road and you’re either going to say, ‘All right, I’m going to stay here, down in the dumps, taking pity on myself or I’m going to go this way, and I’m going to get on with my life and I’m going to make something of myself.’”

And it’s not like Dodd simply whittles away his alone time watching sports and movies. He’s also been taking online courses at Spartanburg Community College.

In the driveway outside his apartment is a van, which is used to take him wherever he wants to go. The decorative tag on the front of the vehicle features the Superman logo, which he also has tattooed on his chest.

“That basically says you’re not going to hold me down. I’m going to figure out a way,” he said.

Looking out the window at the van, Dodd is reminded of another goal he hopes to achieve.

“I’m scheming, I guess you’d say, trying to figure out a plan of how to get another van that I can drive,” he said. “That’s one of my next goals — to drive. If I can drive, that’ll do a lot, too.”

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Select the video below, or click here, to see how SimplyHome technology has helped Johnathan make his choice of independence.


SimplyHome System Powered by Aeris Receives 2015 Telehealth Award

Posted by Aeris Communications on December 10, 2015 at 8:00 AM

We’re proud to announce that the SimplyHome System, powered by Aeris, has received a 2015 Telehealth Award from HealthTechZone.com, a leading healthcare technology news source.

TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person, and online, recently revealed the recipients of the 2015 TeleHealth Awards, presented by HealthTechZone. The HealthTechZone TeleHealth Awards recognize and honor technologies that help to improve healthcare delivery and overall health wellness. Applicants of the TeleHealth Awards were judged based on their proven ability to improve health delivery and management.

“It is my pleasure to recognize the SimplyHome System, powered by Aeris, an innovative solution that earned SimplyHome the 2015 Telehealth Telehealth Award,” said Rich HealthTechZone-TeleHealth-2015Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to seeing more innovation from Aeris and SimplyHome in the future.”

The SimplyHome System is an assistive care technology platform that is revolutionizing home care for the aging and disabled communities. By connecting innovative caregivers and concerned family, the SimplyHome System uses Internet of Things technology to cost-effectively address the growing problem of in-home healthcare.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition for creating innovative products that are working towards the advancement of healthcare,” said Jason Ray, SimplyHome VP of Business Development. “Our technology allows people the option to live where they want to live and the peace of mind to know that alerts will be sent and received quickly when help is needed. By including the cellular connection that Aeris Communications offers in our systems, we are confident our customers benefit from the most comprehensive network coverage.”

Learn more about SimplyHome and how the company uses Aeris connectivity to improve the lives of seniors in this case study.

Download Now

Asheville’s 40 Under Forty: Jason Ray

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.22.38 AM
Last week Jason Ray, Vice President of Business Development at SimplyHome; Certified Aging in Place Specialist, was named one of Asheville’s 40 Under Forty. The 40 honorees were selected for the award based on their business success and their achievements as an active member of the community. The event was sponsored by The Biltmore Beacon, a weekly newspaper circulating in the Biltmore communities of Asheville, and the Young Professionals of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2004, SimplyHome has designed, engineered and used assistive technology to increase independence and lower costs for seniors and people with disabilities. SimplyHome was the first company to receive national accreditation (CARF) using technology in support of independent living and aging in place. Since beginning with SimplyHome in 2008, Jason has been a national speaker/presenter on assistive technology use to associations, state and national agencies, and provider groups.  Jason was named in 2012 as a recipient of the Stephen E Sallee Excellence in Technology Award, and accepted the 2012 Edison Award for Best New Product for SimplyHome.  Jason’s work with SimplyHome has been featured on multiple episodes of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition along with many other national publications.

Jason has been a coach for many youth sports teams over the last decade and currently serves on the Board of Directors for South Buncombe Youth Sports for their Baseball, Softball and Basketball programs.  As an active member of Skyland United Methodist Church, Jason serves as a member of the Lay Leadership Council.  Finally, Jason serves on the Advisory Board for Family Life Coach, which provides therapeutic and consultation services for individuals, families, ministries, and businesses seeking to move to the next level in personal, relational, and organizational performance.

We are so excited to have Jason as a leader at SimplyHome! Congratulations, Jason!

Companies in Asheville Give Back

Companies in Asheville Give Back

The city’s charitable giving and volunteerism outstrip its size

By Laura Hill on January 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm EST

“This is a caring community, and you can see it in big and small ways.”
Elisabeth Bocklet, Director of Marketing and Communications, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Asheville has a well-earned reputation for many things, from craft beer and a hopping culinary scene to its rich history and gorgeous natural setting. But perhaps less well known, though equally brag worthy, is the area’s commitment to taking care of its citizens.

Measuring volunteerism and charitable giving, in 2014 the financial website NerdWallet rated Asheville 10th on its list of most generous cities, noting that Asheville residents donated a median 6.4 percent of their income to charity, and that 32.3 percent of Ashevillians volunteered.

“That’s an astounding figure for a city this size,” says Elisabeth Bocklet, director of marketing and communications for United Way of Asheville & Buncombe County. “This is a caring community, and you can see it in big and small ways.”

Any way you slice it, the giving looks good. Volunteers donated a median of 37.8 hours per year. Through United Way’s Hands On Asheville-Buncombe volunteer center alone, 3,000 people gave more than 22,000 hours of volunteer time in 2013.

Asheville’s Tradition of Caring

Bocklet attributes Asheville’s generosity to two main factors: a tradition of people taking care of their own and something special about the city’s culture.

“A lot of people come here wanting to connect with one another in a meaningful way,” she says. “Both are equally important, and that combination is very much in play.”

In addition to individual giving, Asheville businesses do their part. The accounting firm Johnson Price Sprinkle, for example, supports Habitat for Humanity, contributing 1,150 volunteer hours from nearly all its employees. The company also supports the UNCA Family Business Forum and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Laura Webb, founder and president of Webb Investment Services, serves on the boards of Friends of the Smokies – her great-grandfather was instrumental in establishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, the Asheville Chamber and more.

Ashevillian Drue Ray and her husband, Allen Ray, created a business from their passion for helping physically and mentally challenged people live outside institutions. Their SimplyHome business, now a national brand, designs custom systems that help people live safely and comfortably in their own homes.

“Independence really allows challenged individuals to experience life,” Ray says. “Things like ‘What time of day do I want to get up? What time do I want to eat?’ The simple things make life very, very full, and are so appreciated.”

Businesses Give to United Way

United Way has benefited from a variety of giving campaigns. Eaton, a top corporate donor, hosts an annual golf tournament and sends many employees to the organization’s Day of Caring. In 2014, Asheville Brewing created 17 kegs of “United Way Pale Ale,” donating $2,000 from its sale. In 2013 and 2014, Paramount Kia of Asheville donated a brand new Kia Soul to help raise money for UW’s community investment fund. And in October 2014, as a “bonding” exercise, 90 employees of the National Telephone Cooperative Association gave 400 hours of time to Enka Middle Community School, working on beautification and educational projects.

“That’s a real gift,” Bocklet says. “We are just so proud of all the ways people get involved, no matter at what level – meeting these people is exciting and energizing for us.”


See original article here

Technology Advances, People Stay the Same


Touching on SimplyHome’s origin and then looking into the future of SimplyHome, Capital at Play covered SimplyHome top to bottom. It is an honor to be in a publication alongside other community-oriented organizations and companies.

Click to view “Technology Advances, People Stay the Same”.