Will baby boomers save the world?

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.51.45 AMLinda and Richard Eyre write “We can save them directly when they are our children and grandchildren, and we can save them indirectly when we use the last third of our lives to positively impact some aspect of their world.”

Spending time with grandchildren has been shown to fight against Alzheimers (read here), but can it save the world? Linda and Richard Eyre say that it sure can and it might be the best way to use the years after retirement.

Will baby boomers save the world? 

By Linda and Richard Eyre- For the Deseret News

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago in this column, the baby-boom generation numbers over 80 million Americans who are all now in their 50s and 60s. What responsibility does this generation have to the rest of the world? It’s a question all of us in that generation should ask ourselves.

Our parents and grandparents were called “the greatest generation” because they fought and won World War II and then built the industrialized world. They were the builders and the givers while we, their children, are often thought of as the inheritors and the takers.

And there is no question about it — we baby boomers were the recipients of the post-war prosperity and were raised with more privilege, possibility and potential than any previous generation.

The question is, after being the 50- and 60-year beneficiaries of the opportunities and options we inherited, what will we give back to the world? And what will we do with the 20 or 30 extra years that no previous generation has had?

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Alzheimer’s Warning Signs

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All of us here at SimplyHome have been impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease one way or another. We know that Alzheimer’s is a nasty disease that changes the people we love in ways we never thought were possible. We walk to support Alzheimer’s Disease research each year.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a type of dementia. Causing problems with thinking, memory and behavior, Alzheimer’s typically develops slowly and worsens over time. As the most common type of dementia, Alzheimer’s is not a normal sign of aging.

If you suspect a family member or friend is developing Alzheimer’s, take a look at these 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, put together by the Alzheimer’s Association:

1.Memory changes that disrupt daily life

2.Challenges in planning or solving problems

3.Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work, or at leisure

4.Confusion with time or place

5.Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships

6.New problems with words in speaking or writing

7.Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

8.Decreased or poor judgment

9.Withdrawal from work or social activities

10.Changes in mood and personality

If you detect any of these signs or symptoms in a loved one, it is important that you talk to your doctor. Though there is no cure for Alzheimer’s at this point, there are ways to treat symptoms and create an environment so that your loved one can be comfortable and slow the impact of dementia. Improving quality of life can only be done if your loved one is diagnosed properly. Be on the look out for these signs and symptoms.


SimplyHome System Powered by Aeris Receives 2015 Telehealth Award

Posted by Aeris Communications on December 10, 2015 at 8:00 AM

We’re proud to announce that the SimplyHome System, powered by Aeris, has received a 2015 Telehealth Award from HealthTechZone.com, a leading healthcare technology news source.

TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person, and online, recently revealed the recipients of the 2015 TeleHealth Awards, presented by HealthTechZone. The HealthTechZone TeleHealth Awards recognize and honor technologies that help to improve healthcare delivery and overall health wellness. Applicants of the TeleHealth Awards were judged based on their proven ability to improve health delivery and management.

“It is my pleasure to recognize the SimplyHome System, powered by Aeris, an innovative solution that earned SimplyHome the 2015 Telehealth Telehealth Award,” said Rich HealthTechZone-TeleHealth-2015Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I look forward to seeing more innovation from Aeris and SimplyHome in the future.”

The SimplyHome System is an assistive care technology platform that is revolutionizing home care for the aging and disabled communities. By connecting innovative caregivers and concerned family, the SimplyHome System uses Internet of Things technology to cost-effectively address the growing problem of in-home healthcare.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition for creating innovative products that are working towards the advancement of healthcare,” said Jason Ray, SimplyHome VP of Business Development. “Our technology allows people the option to live where they want to live and the peace of mind to know that alerts will be sent and received quickly when help is needed. By including the cellular connection that Aeris Communications offers in our systems, we are confident our customers benefit from the most comprehensive network coverage.”

Learn more about SimplyHome and how the company uses Aeris connectivity to improve the lives of seniors in this case study.

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