New Product Offerings: Telehealth Suite & Fall Pendant

SimplyHome is pleased to announce that we are expanding our product offerings to now include a Telehealth Suite and a fall detection pendant that is compatible with our Personal Emergency Response Systems.


SimplyHome’s suite of wellness tools is designed to offer an improved quality of life that encourages independence and compliance. Now, families and caregivers can access reliable health data to assist loved ones to lower the risk of costly rehospitalizations while supporting chronic disease management.

Easy-to-use wireless Bluetooth technology sends each reading to a confidential and personalized website. Data may be monitored by call center staff comprised of highly trained personnel who are able to call and triage medical needs with a customer if the data triggers an alert notification. Call center staff documents each encounter and then begins notifying responders in priority order.

For a full list of features and pricing, please visit our website at

Hospital Readmissions

By utilizing some of the telehealth tools we offer, we can reduce readmissions and associated costs while elevating patient outcomes— especially during the critical 30-day discharge window.

So what are some things that might cause a readmission?

- Complications like infections

- Inadequate follow up care; poor AND UA-767PBT-Ci_EC1communication between hospitals, providers and patients; limited physician accessibility due to a growing doctor shortage; and patient constraints such as mobility, finances, time and transportation

 Fall Pendant

This device is a Personal Emergency Response Pendant that monitors falls more accurately by reducing the amount of false alarms. The LED light on the device begins to flash slowly when a fall is detected, speeds up as it becomes more sure a fall has been detected and then sends a signal to the PERS. This product ensures keeping your loved one safe and is able to get help to them after a fall occurs.

Why monitor falls?

The Center for Disease Control says that each year 2.5 million elderly people are treated in the emergency department for fall injuries.  Since falling once more than doubles the odds of falling again, it is vital that falls are being monitored in the home.

Our new products address concerns such as falls and chronic disease management. We encourage you to take a proactive approach to enhance independence for years to come. 

David’s Vision

We hit the road to see how people have been empowered using our technology. For our first stop, meet David.SimplyHomeDavid is an accomplished young man who doesn’t take no for an answer. David was born with an intellectual disability but like his mother Becky Garland says, “he is able to do everything that he puts his mind to. It’s just a little bit differently.” After graduating from college, David was eager to live in his own place. With SimplyHome technology throughout David’s home, David is able to live out that dream. He utilizes verbal prompting, door sensors, motion sensors, bed sensors and pendants to remain safe in his own home. His mother is able to login to a website to track sensor activity if she is notified of an issue.

David’s Vision is his dream of one day building a log cabin for himself on some family property with his red pickup truck and coon dog by his side. They want David’s Vision to help others with I/DD to attain safe, affordable independent housing. To make a donation, contact SimplyHome’s Marketing Department at

Asheville’s 40 Under Forty: Jason Ray

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.22.38 AM
Last week Jason Ray, Vice President of Business Development at SimplyHome; Certified Aging in Place Specialist, was named one of Asheville’s 40 Under Forty. The 40 honorees were selected for the award based on their business success and their achievements as an active member of the community. The event was sponsored by The Biltmore Beacon, a weekly newspaper circulating in the Biltmore communities of Asheville, and the Young Professionals of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2004, SimplyHome has designed, engineered and used assistive technology to increase independence and lower costs for seniors and people with disabilities. SimplyHome was the first company to receive national accreditation (CARF) using technology in support of independent living and aging in place. Since beginning with SimplyHome in 2008, Jason has been a national speaker/presenter on assistive technology use to associations, state and national agencies, and provider groups.  Jason was named in 2012 as a recipient of the Stephen E Sallee Excellence in Technology Award, and accepted the 2012 Edison Award for Best New Product for SimplyHome.  Jason’s work with SimplyHome has been featured on multiple episodes of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition along with many other national publications.

Jason has been a coach for many youth sports teams over the last decade and currently serves on the Board of Directors for South Buncombe Youth Sports for their Baseball, Softball and Basketball programs.  As an active member of Skyland United Methodist Church, Jason serves as a member of the Lay Leadership Council.  Finally, Jason serves on the Advisory Board for Family Life Coach, which provides therapeutic and consultation services for individuals, families, ministries, and businesses seeking to move to the next level in personal, relational, and organizational performance.

We are so excited to have Jason as a leader at SimplyHome! Congratulations, Jason!