Technology Advances, People Stay the Same


Touching on SimplyHome’s origin and then looking into the future of SimplyHome, Capital at Play covered SimplyHome top to bottom. It is an honor to be in a publication alongside other community-oriented organizations and companies.

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Charles Lea Center Continues to Promote Independence

Our friends over at the Charles Lea Center created a video to explain how they use technology to promote independence.  Check it out  to see how they are using SimplyHome technology to revolutionize the way they care for their clients.



October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month


With October being Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we wanted to give you a few facts and figures regarding Down Syndrome and some ways you can spread awareness.

-Down syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is a chromosomal condition in which the individual has an extra copy of chromosome 21.

-One in every 691 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome.

-People with Down syndrome are at a higher risk of having other medical conditions including congenital heart defects, respiratory and hearing problems, Alzheimer’s disease, childhood leukemia and thyroid conditions. Since most of these conditions are treatable, most individuals with Down syndrome live healthy lives.

-Life expectancy for people with Down syndrome continues to increase. In 1983, the life expectancy of someone with Down syndrome was 25, today it is 60.

By advocating and encouraging other people to learn about Down syndrome, we will work together to create a world in which we celebrate abilities. Learning, teaching and loving others is the best way we can advocate for all people.

-By knowing more about Down syndrome, you are able to spread awareness in your own circle of life.

-With more than 250 Buddy Walk events across the country, it is easy to find one near your! Grab some friends and lace up your shoes to raise money and awareness with the National Down Syndrome Society.

- Celebrate the abilities of everyone around you!

Check out where our facts came from and other ways to advocate, donate and support Down syndrome!


SimplyHome’s Product Developer, Michael Doornbos, Takes Us Behind the Scenes

Michael DoornbosI am excited to announce the newest version of the SimplyHome System. More than two years in the making, we’ve strived to make a product more useful for both individuals and service providers. Creating a product that is purpose built for the population we serve is both exciting and challenging. We also want it to be cost effective and much smaller in size.

We faced a few challenges through this process. Building hardware is always tough. My team is small and there are a lot of moving parts to a project like this. In the end our small team size enabled us to be flexible and adapt more quickly than the rest of the technology field. There is nothing else on the market for the demographic we serve that is as sophisticated as this new product.

We have focused on making it easily upgradeable as new technologies emerge. With the technology field evolving daily, we have made it easily upgradable. The result is a product that can be upgraded over the next several years while remaining in use.

We’re also releasing  an Android app. In the past, we have only been able to text, email and call client caretakers. Now, with the Android app, caretakers will be able to receive notifications and check in on their loved ones on the go with real time updates. Even on a smart watch.

Up next for our team is to add more intelligence to the platform to help the people it’s designed to serve be more independent.

Michael Doornbos

SimplyHome Product Developer

Be Empowered and Check Out Our New Video!

Now that you have been introduced to our Firefly, it is time you get to know him and get acquainted to our newest SimplyHome System that is empowered by technology! By connecting innovative caregivers and concerned family, the SimplyHome System reduces cost, increases costs, increases efficiency improves communication, and empowers both patients and caregivers.

Check out our animated firefly here!

SimplyHome System: Empowered by Technology

SimplyHome Announces the Launch of Their Newest Product – The SimplyHome System: Empowered by Technology™

systemintheHomeSimplyHome, LLC, a nationwide assistive care technology company,announces the debut of their newest product, the SimplyHome System: Empowered by Technology™. By connecting innovative caregivers and concerned families, the SimplyHome System reduces cost, increases efficiency, improves communication, and most importantly, empowers both care providers and people they serve. The system uses a combination of wireless sensors to log activities of daily living and proactively alert caregivers and loved ones of abnormal activity or changes in behavioral patterns through text, push notification or email. The official announcement is October 10th at the 2014 American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) Technology Summit and Showcase in Broomfield, Colorado. As a part of this launch, SimplyHome will be identifying a number of providers across the country to first implement the system.

“We listened to what our customers wanted and built a system specific to the needs that they have expressed to us. These improvements will be a big leap forward from our current system which was the first product on the market built with the singular purpose of serving the aging and disabled populations,” said Allen Ray, CEO of SimplyHome.

With caregivers expressing a need to interact more easily with their clients, the new SimplyHome System is equipped with a new website and mobile app. The app grants caregivers and providers access to information about clients and family members from anywhere. In addition to the already offered text message and email alerts, the app allows responders to receive push notifications. Staff and responders will also have the ability to acknowledge and take action on an alert through the app. Much like the mobile app, the newly released website will feature enhanced interactivity with alerts and information from their systems.

systembasicThe small, sleek design of the new SimplyHome System provides an unobtrusive and attractive solution that allows providers to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency in their care. “By creating cost effective solutions, agencies are now able to serve more clients and reduce wait periods for those needing care. Our mission has always been to support independent living and empower care providers and the people they serve through innovative technology,” said Ray.

The ANCOR Technology Summit and Showcase will highlight SimplyHome technology and how providers across the nation are using it. The conference will also demonstrate technology that creates greater efficiency and effectiveness in organizations and will promote strategies to advocate for inclusion of technology in state waiver programs.

“ANCOR presents the perfect opportunity for us to launch this product since we are among supporters and users of the technology we provide,” said Ray.

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In Good Company: SimplyHome Partners to Present in Colorado

“The process for preparing an organization to incorporate technology often times requires a shift in culture that has a focus on the person-centered principles as a basis for technology development,” Jerry Bernard, Executive Director of the Charles Lea Center said.


SimplyHome is excited to be gearing up for the Coleman Institute/ANCOR Technology Summit and Showcase next week in Broomfield, Colorado. Four of our partners are also busy working hard to prepare for the conference.

innovativeInnovative ServicesBased in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Innovative Services opened in 2004 with the mission and vision to give those with developmental disabilities the best quality of life in the community. Implementing SimplyHome’s technology more than six years ago, Innovative Services is able to serve clients by allowing staff to respond to specific events without needing to be present during times when not wanted or needed.

Innovative Services Chief Operating Officer Rick Bahr will be speaking in an effort to teach other organizations new approaches for connecting technology to independent living while staying up to date on policies shifting from services to outcomes. Bahr will also touch on how to deepen the impact of an organization on individuals being served through integrating technology that will assist staff and clients.

Charles Lea foundation logo green

The Charles Lea Center: The Charles Lea Center has been utilizing technology for their consumers since 1995.  Jerry Bernard, Executive Director of the Charles Lea Center, plans to focus on the process for preparing an organization to incorporate technology into service systems. He will discuss the work that needs to be done ahead of time, before laying a new foundation that incorporates technology. The Charles Lea Center’s concern has always been that some providers use technology as a quick fix. They might not see the long-term potential technology can have on an organization. Bernard intends to share his organization’s experiences to inspire new ways of thinking.


Ability Beyond: Laurie Dale from Ability Beyond, a service provider in New York, is also presenting in Colorado next week. Ability Beyond uses SimplyHome’s technology to serve more than 60 clients as well as monitor their day and night staff. A client of SimplyHome since 2012, Ability Beyond continues to use technology in innovative ways. A panel style presentation will focus on discrete wireless sensors and how providers are able to use them in more ways than to monitor clients, including overnight supervision of staff checks. The discussion will also touch on individualized environmental controls and the benefit they have for clients.


Black Hills Works: Connie Melvin, Director of BHWorksInnovation and Futures Works, from Black Hills Works in Rapid City, South Dakota, is giving a presentation titled “Technology in Motion.” This facilitated discussion will give care providers an opportunity to share how they have been able to implement principles laid out in the Declaration of Rights of People with Cognitive Disabilities to Technology and Information Access. This document was signed by SimplyHome, among other companies and individuals, in order to express commitment to the equal rights of people with cognitive disabilities. Read more about SimplyHome signing the document here.

As we prepare to make the trip to Colorado, we are grateful that these partners are going to be there with us. With the release of our new SimplyHome System, it is always exciting to see how our technology is providing innovative ways to not only take care of people who are aging or that have developmental disabilities, but also how our technology is helping care providers in their own innovative ways.


Our SimplyHome System Just Got Better

Things around the SimplyHome office have been buzzing with excitement!  With the development of a new SimplyHome System platform, we are revolutionizing innovative ways we care for the aging and disabled communities.

We are proud to announce the release of the newest edition of the SimplyHome System. The unveiling of this product will take place in Broomfield, Colorado at the Coleman Institute/ANCOR Technology Summit and Showcase on October 9 and 10. The new system, just like our current one, connects innovative caregivers and concerned families to provide the best care for loved ones.

The new system’s base unit is only a fraction of the size of our current base unit. The operational cost of this new system is reduced. With the cost savings, there is greater potential for shortening waiting lists, maximizing client capacity, increasing client to caregiver ratios, as well as, increasing communication with family and care providers.

Along with reduced cost and size, an Android app is also in the making. This app will allow access to system notifications and the ability to respond to those notifications on current model Android smart phones.

Though we would love to see you out in Colorado next week, we know that that may not be feasible. Keep your eyes out this week for more about our launch, how you can win a $50 gift card, learn about how our partners are using technology and meet the newest part of the SimplyHome family.