SimplyHome Assistive Technology For Independent Living
SimplyHome System

The SimplyHome System

By communicating with multiple sensors to observe activities of daily living, the SimplyHome System proactively alerts caregivers and loved ones of changes in behavioral patterns. Text, email or phone alerts can be generated by a single event, an intersection of multiple events or by inactivity.

System Features Overview

Built-in Cell Connectivity
Wireless Installation
Customized Rule-Setting
Instant Notifications to Caregivers and Loved Ones
Audible Announcements and Reminders in the home
Call Center Support 24/7


Because each system is as unique as the individuals we serve, the system price varies depending on the concerns being addressed. Each system starts with a base unit and is then customized from there.

Purchase: $800.00-$1,450.00
Monthly Service: $59.95-$89.95


falls & inactivity
cooking safety
medication compliance
wandering & egress
sleep patterns
respite & peace of mind

Emergency Response

The PERS Plus is our entry level system that uses a phone line to activate a notification to our trained responder call center should you have a need. We send our PERS PLUS to you already programmed. Just plug in the base unit to a phone line and electrical outlet in your home. The pendant is wirelessly connected to the base and can be pressed at any time.

Purchase: $124.95/each and $27.95/month

Rental: $37.95/month

  • Instant notifications/alerts to caregivers or loved ones
  • 24/7 trained responder call center
SimplyHome Cellular PERS
Cellular Emergency Response

In the past, Medical Alert Systems needed an active phone line to work. That’s no longer the case. Today, with SimplyHome’s new Cellular Medical Alert System, phones are no longer required! Now you can have the safety and protection of a true medical alert system in your home without the need or expense of a phone service.

Our System is proven dependable, and easy to install. Just plug in the base unit and press your personal help button. No phones. No phone bills. With just the push of a button, our certified responders are there for you, ready to help!

Purchase: $299.95/each and $35.95/month

Rental: $66.95/month

  • 24/7/365 monitoring by trained Call Center Staff
  • No home phone is needed
  • Uses multiple cellular networks
  • 650 foot help button range
  • 24 hour back up battery in case of power loss
  • Ability to report if pendant is absent from the unit for an extended period of time
  • Reports to the Call Center if there is a power loss, a low help button battery, or a low base unit battery
  • Ability to make silent emergency calls for victim monitoring

Medication Dispenser

A tamper proof and programmable unit with call center back-up. Based on the client’s needs, the system will dispense medication up to 4 times per day. The medication slot is rotated even if the medication is not consumed so there is no fear of overmedicating.

The unit is designed to aid persons who take medications on a scheduled basis. The Automated Medication Dispenser is designed to alert the user, with alarms at the time medications need to be taken. The unit is lockable to deter inadvertent overdosing. The unit has twenty-eight compartments to hold medication and can be programmed to deliver up to four doses a day. The unit rotates and, at the pre-set times, the alarm rings and a door can be opened to access the appropriate medications. By opening the door to access the medication, the alarm is silenced. With proper use, users can adhere to the medication schedule that maintains their health.

Purchase: $249.95/each and $28.95/month

Rental: $54.95/month

  • Timed alarm system provides next dosage automatically
  • Medicine tray has 28 slots for 1x day/monthly up to 4x day/weekly dosing
  • Large LED displays the time
  • Easy to transport
  • 48-hour rechargeable back-up battery

Environmental Controls

With Environmental Controls, people with certain disabilities are empowered to live more independently. EC's enable individuals to operate beds, lights, TVs, doors, and more via tablet or voice-activation. SimplyHome’s environmental controls are primarily wireless and integrate with tablets, sensors, and alert notifications.

Because of our commitment to the individual, at SimplyHome we look beyond our own toolbox to integrate other technologies that provide creative solutions for our customers. Unique offerings to date include: visual readers for the sight impaired; voice-activated environments and communications (including phone calls, texts, emails, and web-surfing); custom designed business applications; touch screen tv's; and a voice-activated drink dispenser (as seen on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.)

  • Temperature controls
  • Bed
  • Lights
  • TV
  • Doors
  • HVAC
SimplyHome Hands Free Headset
Hands-Free Head Set

The SimplyHome No-Buttons Headset offers modern Bluetooth technology – totally hands-free. By using a magnet to power the headset ON and OFF, the SimplyHome No-Buttons Headset enables the user to call friends, family, business and medical contacts, and emergency numbers, all independently and without the help of a care taker or family member. With our SimplyHome Headset, your cell phone becomes easily accessible and usable – without the need to ever push a button.

As seen on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, our Headset is especially helpful for those who are quadriplegic, have Arthritis, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Upper Extremity disabilities or any other physical disability that limits the ability to push a button. Our SimplyHome No-Buttons Headset provides the user with a sense of independence and self-sufficiency, and the confidence that, if necessary, they can call for help without assistance.

Purchase: $319.20/each

  • Accesses your phone's built-in Voice Commands without having to push any buttons
  • Activates when the Headset passes over a magnet
  • Uses integrated Text to Speech (TTS) to announce the name of incoming callers - so you always know who is calling without having to look at your phone
  • With a free Android App on your phone, you can hear your incoming text messages read out automatically
  • BlackBerry® and Android users can install the Vlingo SafeReader application to hear email and SMS messages read out automatically
  • Features integrated A2DP streaming audio functionality, so you can listen to music or podcasts, and hear turn-by-turn direction information from a GPS application on your phone
  • Sensitivity Level command allows you to adjust the voice recognition setting so that it works best for your voice
  • Supports True-Multipoint - enabling you to connect two phones at the same time and answer the one that rings
  • Designed for comfortable all day use
  • Up to 4 hours talk time and 100 hours standby
Ring Video Doorbell

Answer the door from anywhere using your wireless video doorbell. With Ring, you’re always home. Receive instant alerts when someone presses the button on your Ring® Video Doorbell or motion is detected, via the free Ring® app (iOS® and Android™). See and speak with visitors from anywhere using your smartphone, and watch recorded footage anytime with Cloud Recording.

No need to wonder if something is going on outside your home, see for yourself. Built-in motion sensors detect any activity on your property and trigger instant mobile alerts, giving you peace of mind while you're away.

Purchase: $199.00/each

  • Two-way talk - see and speak with visitors at your door, from anywhere via the built-in speakers and microphone
  • Works on any home – with or without a doorbell
  • Motion sensors activate the camera and trigger instant mobile alerts when movement is detected
  • Connect the Video Doorbell to your Wi-Fi network and it's ready to go
  • Night vision
  • Works with iOS, Android & Windows 10
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • HD camera allows a clear view of your home's entrance with wide-angle HD video


SimplyHome Telehealth

SimplyHome’s suite of wellness tools is designed to offer remote monitoring of blood pressure, pulse oxygen, glucose and weight. Now, families and caregivers can access reliable health data to assist loved ones in preventing costly rehospitalizations.

Easy-to-use wireless bluetooth technology sends each reading to a confidential and personalized website. After customizing an individual’s profile, family, medical personnel, and caregivers can receive instant notifications if health parameters are in a range of concern.

Purchase: $500.00-$1,900.00 and $70.00-$125.00/month

Rental: Tools range from $135.00-$250.00/month

  • Arrives pre-programmed
  • Compatible with some off-the-shelf health products
  • Online personalized and confidential health profile
  • Customer chooses who receives the alerts
  • Monitors a wide range of chronic illnesses

Virtual Care Management©

SimplyHome Virtual Care Management

At SimplyHome, we offer a unique service that when combined with our products, can serve as the “next step” in independent living. Virtual Care Management® is our model for client care. Families and the clients can work directly with a highly trained Virtual Care Management® Care Specialist who not only helps them understand the data from our systems but also manages the skills and services needed for independent living.

SimplyHome works closely with independent, assisted living, and health care facilities that integrate Virtual Care Management® into their organization’s model for client care. We offer training and ongoing education and consultation in the Virtual Care Management® process. Our goal is to provide care managers with another layer of information that they can use to make informed decisions about their clients’ needs and concerns.

  • Evaluation and Consultation
  • Individualized Care Plan and Meeting
  • Direct Care Management
  • Individual Transition Services